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Partnering with Just Porch It presents a winning opportunity for non-profits seeking to streamline their fundraising efforts while making a positive impact on the environment and community. By affiliating with Just Porch It, non-profits can engage their supporters in textile recycling initiatives that generate revenue effortlessly. Through co-branding on collection bins and promotion of Just Porch It’s free home pick-up service, non-profits can expand their fundraising reach without the hassle of traditional methods. With every donation collected, non-profits contribute to reducing textile waste and supporting local communities in need. This innovative partnership ensures that everyone wins – supporters can conveniently donate unwanted textiles, non-profits can raise funds sustainably, and the environment benefits from reduced landfill waste.

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This is the fastest way to generate money and co-branding is possible.


Create a new way to generate revenue without any additional resources.


The community is already doing this and can partner with you.


No other fundraising system is as easy and fast to implement.


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Just Porch It presents a valuable opportunity for local schools to make a positive impact on sustainability and community support. By affiliating with Just Porch It, schools can encourage students, staff, and their broader community to participate in textile recycling. The partnership not only helps divert textiles from landfills but also generates revenue through co-branded collection bins and marketing of Just Porch It's free home pick-up service. This initiative allows schools to support environmental consciousness while raising funds effortlessly, fostering a sense of responsibility towards the planet and local communities.


Just Porch It offers churches an impactful way to contribute to environmental sustainability and community welfare. By collaborating with Just Porch It, churches can engage their congregations and local community members in textile recycling efforts. This partnership not only aids in diverting textiles from landfills but also enables churches to receive and distribute donations to those in need. Additionally, through co-branded collection bins and promotional support, churches can effortlessly fundraise and promote eco-conscious practices within their community. This alignment with Just Porch It allows churches to play a vital role in preserving the environment while actively supporting local residents and charitable causes.


For non-profit organizations, Just Porch It offers an excellent avenue to champion both environmental sustainability and their philanthropic missions. Partnering with Just Porch It empowers non-profits to engage their supporters and local communities in textile recycling initiatives. By accepting donations and collaborating with Just Porch It, these organizations can secure a consistent stream of textiles, which can be repurposed or donated to those in need. Furthermore, the co-branding opportunities on collection bins and marketing support provided by Just Porch It allow non-profits to efficiently raise funds without the complexities of traditional fundraising methods. In this way, non-profits can actively contribute to preserving the environment while fulfilling their commitment to serving and uplifting the community.

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